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Pryor charted the US GDP from 1980-2010 to create this mural-sized collage. Subtle color shifts occur in the materials to reflect the changing political party of the President elect: blue/cool for Democrats and red/warm Republicans. Bulleted text,noting cultural and political events,rains down to give the impression of a hazy visual-verbal landscape. This densely coded work blends cultural history and economic data into a timeline that provides a distinctive perspective on the last thirty years. Facts and figures dissolve in a hazy,visual-verbal landscape.

Originally commissioned by the Bronx Museum of Art for the exhibition "Taking AIM," to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of their Artist-in-the-Marketplace Program.

Collection Yale School of Management.

Collection Yale School of Management
And Much, Much, More!
barcodes,historical data,bulleted ads,ink,and Lanaquarelle paper on dibond panels
80" x 248"