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Sky Above 40°45'6"N 73°59'39"W
laser print collage on wall and ceiling
110" x 244"
Artwork installed at the New York Public Library Mulberry Street Branch, 2012, photo credit Yulia Tikhonova
starburst advertisements, ink and acrylic on junk mail
47" X 58"
They Change Positions Frequently and Their Cause Is Not Completely Understood ( Aerial View)
product boxes, ink, acrylic, and watercolor on three birch panel.
40” by 156”
Installation of work commissioned by the Bronx Museum for the 30th Anniversary of it's AIM Program.
barcodes, historical data, bulleted ads and paper on aluminum panel
80' X 248'
detail, And Much, Much, More!
collage, ink on paper mounted to aluminum panel
detail, 80" x 248" overall